Can You Pass The A-Level Celebrity Quiz?

Celebrity Quiz 2015

Put your thinking caps on because it's time to test your celebrity knowledge of the biggest goss of 2015 so far...

Think  your celebrity news knowledge can't be rivalled? It's time to prove it!

Answer these questions about Kim Kardashian, Kate and Wills and loads more of the biggest names in celebsville.

Can you pass the celebrity news A-Level with flying colours? Play now and find out...

Can You Pass The A-Level Celeb Quiz?

Are you up on your celebrity new knowledge? Prove how much you know about this year's biggest a-list news with our quiz.

Which Kardashian spoke about female empowerment at the Commonwealth Club?

Kim Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian

Which former Olympian gave an emotional speech about acceptance at the ESPY Awards?

Devon Still

Usain Bolt

Caitlyn Jenner

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds welcomed a baby girl but what was her name finally revealed as after much speculation?




Which US businessman and personality is currently running a Republican presidential campaign?

Donald Trump

Alan Sugar

Bill Gates

Which singer was recently caught licking a donut and muttering “I hate America”?

Katy Perry

Taylor Swift

Ariana Grande

Who won Best Actor at the Oscars?

Bradley Cooper

Eddie Redmayne

Benedict Cumberbatch

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed a baby girl but what is the new Princess called?




Which iconic Star Trek actor sadly passed away?

Leonard Nimoy

Patrick Stewart

William Shatner

Which comedian pranked Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the red carpet?

Amy Poehler

Catherine Tate

Amy Schumer

Which Hollywood couple filed for divorce just a few days after their 10-year anniversary?

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

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