Can YOU Solve The Maths Equation That's Gone Viral?

22 September 2017, 17:01

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WARNING: Prepare to have your mind boggled.

Does the thought of maths lessons bring you out in a cold sweat? Or perhaps you think your numbers game is on point? Step this way and see if you’ve got what it takes to crack the latest maths riddle which has gone viral.

The test, created by Go Tumble and shared on Wikr, asks users to 'think outside the box' by working out two different but correct answers to a series of equations. You have to add up a sequence of numbers and work out the common factor.

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Makers write: 'Firstly, think outside the box! This maths riddle is not that simple. Even though there’s usually one right answer for maths problems, two common solutions are causing heated debates all over the world.'

The makers say that only one in 1,000 people can figure out the second possible answer to the test, so can you?


Can we read your answers?   [Picture: Wikr]

Solutions coming now - look away if you're still trying to solve the puzzle.



So, most people will begin by adding 1 + 4 to reach the answer 5.

Then they'll add 2 + 5 to the sum of 5 to get an answer of 12. Simples.

The majority of users will use the same process in the next line, adding 3 + 6 to get 9, then add nine to the sum in the equation above (12) to reach the figure 21.

Lastly, they will add 8 + 11 to get 19, before adding it to the sum of the previous line (21) to get 40.

While makers say that 40 is a widely accepted and correct answer, there's another answer - and only a chosen few will reach it.



Obviously, 1 + 4 = 5, but you can also reach the same answer by adding 1 to 4 x 1. Using that formula, you can then add 2 to 2 x 5 to get 12.

You can then add 3 to 6 x 3 to get 21. And to reach the final and alternate answer, just add 8 to 11 x 8 to get 96.

Got it? If so, well done. If not – don’t worry, we’re not sure that we got it either.

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