Can You Spot The Fox Among The Geese? Only 1 In 8 People Can!

Fox Optical Illusion

This illusion has had us stretching our heads all day! Can you work it out?

Quiz website Playbuzz is full of tricky tests and difficult illusions, but we think this could be the hardest one yet.

There is a fox hiding in this drawing of some geese but he's near IMPOSSIBLE to spot...

Spot The Fox Illusion

Apparently only 1 in 8 people have managed to spot it before having the answer revealed to them!

Will you be one of the few clever clogs?

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Here's the answer.

Spot The Fox Illusion Answer

There you go!

It's obvious when you see it but we have to admit this could be the hardest one yet - let us know below if you managed to crack it.