Can YOU Tell What Colour These Hearts Really Are?

Colour are These Hearts?

Think you've got 20/20 vision? Well, this optical illusion will have you questioning how good your eyes really are...

If you remember the gold or blue dress that became a viral sensation in the summer of 2014, then you might want to take a look a the latest optical illusion that's driving EVERYONE barney.

At first glance the picture appears to show 12 hearts in purple and orange placed in front of a green striped background.

Or is it?

If we look a little closer what do you see now? 

If your eyesight is  anything like ours, then you'll probably see two hearts - the one on the right is purple, and the one on the left is pink right? 

Colour are these hearts?


If you look a little closer you'd be surprised to know that all the hearts are EXACTLY THE SAME colour when the green stripes are removed.

Weird, we know.

Colour are these hearts?

Well if you want to know the science behind this brain trickery, then we advise you watch the video below VERY closely.