How to celebrate Mother's Day 2020 if you can't see your mum

20 March 2020, 15:00 | Updated: 20 March 2020, 15:02

Mother's Day 2020 ideas
Mother's Day 2020 ideas. Picture: Getty Images

Here's how to celebrate Mother's Day this year amid the coronavirus self-isolation.

With the official UK government advice to avoid all non-essential contact to prevent the spread of coronavirus, many families won’t get to spend Mother’s Day with their loved ones this Sunday.

You can find the latest Coronavirus (Covid-19) advice from the NHS here.

But as we face uncertain times, there’s no need to cancel your plans altogether at the weekend as there are plenty of ways you can still show your mum you care.

Post her card

Royal Mail has reassured Brits it is safe to send gifts and cards home for Mother's Day amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Send some flowers this Mother's Day
Send some flowers this Mother's Day. Picture: Getty Images

The postal service insists there is no risk of transmitting the disease through deliveries as the virus cannot survive for long on objects.

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Send some flowers

Just the same as gifts and cards, flowers are still a sweet way to make the mother figure in your life smile.

Zing Flowers is still committed to delivering flowers this Mother's Day, as well as Eflorist and Bloom & Wild.

Video call your mum this Mother's Day
Video call your mum this Mother's Day. Picture: Getty Images

Video call

It might not be exactly like popping round your mum’s for a brew, but why not video call her or get skype set up?

Call your parents beforehand to help them set up their devices, then you are free to have a good ol’ chinwag or even sit down for a synchronised family dinner.

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Create a home spa

Okay, so your actual trip to the spa might have been cancelled for the time being, but you can create your own by doing some DIY pampering at the same time.

These could include a face mask, manicure or pedicure while in contact with your mum.

Play games together

There are loads of games you can play together now.

As well as using consoles like Nintendo Switch, your favourite family classics such as Monopoly and Scrabble, have app versions that you can play from your separate devices.

Read a bedtime story

Why not have your parents read a bedtime story to your little one via an iPad or smart device?

This is a sweet way of making sure you spend some quality time together this Mother’s Day.

Host a film watchalong

Pick a series or film that you both like, before sitting down with a cuppa and relaxing.

You can then catch up after and talk about all your favourite moments!

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