Lidl and Aldi At War With HUGE Discounts On School Uniforms.

Supermarket Aldi School Uniform

The supermarket chains are upping the anti with back to school goods being sold for less than your local pint!

The supermarket chains are upping the anti with back to school goods being sold for less than your local pint! 

Summer may have only really began but supermarkets are already cashing in the lead up to September in a bid to lure parents who are keen to snap up a bargain on school uniforms. 

Leading the fierce consumer battle is Aldi and Lidl who have dramatically slashed their prices in an attempt to undercut each other and win victory with thrifty shoppers.

Aldi has driven down it's prices to £3.69 in what is now Britain's cheapest school uniform. 

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The shockingly cheap price is comparable to the price of a pint and means parents are paying just 94p for a round neck jumper, £1.25 for two polo shirts and £1.50 for trousers or a skirt.

Aldi’s ridiculous price tags comes after they knocked down their original £4 tag in a bid to outsell Lidl, who announced the launch of it's value school gear at £3.75.

Lidl’s kit is set to launch on July 21 but both chains are gearing themselves up for a stock sell out as parents race out to shops to get their hands on popular sizes. 

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Whilst the cut-price items might raise a few eyebrows, Lidl's spokesperson Josie Stone said the supermarket are committed to helping out mums and dads who are strapped for cash: “With our school clothing range starting from as little as £1.25, the money saved can make a huge difference to the bank balances of hard working mums and dads – which families can use to spend quality time together.”

Which supermarket has the cheapest school uniform? 


Round neck jumper - 94p 

Twin pack polo shirts - £1.25

Trousers/skirt - £1.50

TOTAL: £3.69


Round neck sweatshirt - £1.25 

Twinpack polo shorts - £1.25 

Trousers/skirt - £1.25 

TOTAL: £3.75


Round neck jumper - £2 

Twin pack polo shirts - £2.50 

Trousers/skirt - £3 

TOTAL: £7.50


Round neck sweatshirt - £3

Twin pack polo shirt - £2.50 

Trousers - £4 

Skirt - £3 

TOTAL: £9.50/£8.50


Twin pack crew neck sweatshirt - £4 

Triple pack polo shirts - £3.50 

Twin pack trousers - £7 

Skirt - £5 

TOTAL: £14.50/£12.50


Round neck cotton jumper - £6 

Twin pack polo shorts - £5 

Trousers/skirt - £8 

TOTAL: £19

We know where we'll be grabbing a bargain!