Do You Live In A Country Obsessed With Cheating? Now You Can Find Out!

The Most Unfaithful Countries I EUROPE


A place where more than 50% of men and women cheat on their partners?! The facts are in and the results will DEFINITELY surprise you...

Are you living in a cheating hot spot? 

An amazing new video has lifted the lid on just how unfaithful men and women in different countries are...and we were pretty shocked by the results. 

YouTube channel, Dating Beyond Borders, analysed surveys done by a host of companies and websites, like, and found that some countries have much higher rates of playing away than others. 

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Are you ready to hear their facts on the UK? 

Apparently, 45% of British men and 32% of women have admitted to having an affair! This may sound bad, but us Brits are actually at the lower end of the infidelity spectrum. PLUS, we experience high levels of guilt compared to other nationalities. 

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The video also throws up some interesting facts about dating from around the world. Did you know people in Finland don't use words like 'cheating' and instead opt for morally neutral phrases like 'parallel relationships'. 

When asked if they regret cheating, around 50% of Brits said yes, which is double the regret rate of French respondents. 

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Out of the 36 countries surveyed, the country with the highest rate of female infidelity is Nigeria - where an incredible 62% of women have admitted to playing the field. 

This was followed by 59% of Thai women who've admitted to cheating (alongside 54% of Thai men). 

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What do you think of these stats? Interesting or a little shifty?