Cheryl loses the ex-factor

Cheryl Cole is apparently considering reuniting with ex-husband Ashley, having given him a £10 million pound list of demands.

It’s a long way from the supermarket bunch of flowers us mere mortals receive when someone’s trying to win us back, but it did get us thinking about other celebrity reconciliations.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
The couple split for a brief period in 2007, apparently due to Wills’ desire for a bit of ‘space’. They’ve since said it made them stronger and have sealed the deal with a spectacular wedding and a growing reputation as the UK’s hottest couple.

Robbie and Take That
This one has it all: the happy beginning, the painful break up, the years of silence and finally, the joyful reunion. There isn’t a pop fan out there who isn’t pleased to see them back together and touring once more.

Ken and Barbie
Having met again on the set of Toy Story 3 the perfect pair found they were ready to resume their 43 year relationship having split in 2004. It would be heart warming stuff indeed if they weren’t made of plastic.

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