Festive Family Shows That You Should Book RIGHT NOW!

Wicked The Musical asset

What's better than a family trip to the theatre? Check out these amazing shows just in time for Christmas!

Nothing says family bonding like a trip to the theatre and it's not just watching a show, it's the whole experience. 

What better way to kick off the festive season than to watch a magical show? 

Wicked, The Apollo Victoria Theatre, London

All the magic of The Wizard of Oz has been injected to this family musical which tells the story from a not-so-wicked witch's perspective.

You might remember the Wicked Witch of the West melting after having a bucket of water thrown on her by Dorothy at the end of the classic film, however, there are always two sides to every tale.

Actress Alice Fearne dazzles in her role as Elphaba and enchants the audiences with her musical prowess to tell the story of the misunderstood witch's public fall from grace with familiar tracks like Defying Gravity

Meanwhile, stand-out star Sophie Evans is loveable as Glinda The Good, who along with Elphaba is attempting to navigate their unusual yet profound friendship.

Wicked The Musical

The musical is upbeat yet tells an emotional story of friendship, and the play is brought to a climax in Act two when the powerhouses join forces to duet fan favourite For Good. 

This magical production features multi-Grammy and Academy award-winning music as well as stunning pyrotechnics that will be sure to wow all ages.

Luckily, there have been TWO extra matinee dates added to the Christmas line up on Tuesday 16th December and Friday 29th December at 2.30pm.


Kinky Boots

Are you feeling the cold winter blues? Don't worry, the most uplifting show in London wants to raise you up!

Kinky Boots is in its second fabulous year and continues to raise audiences up night after night! It's the musical everyone is talking about 

You'll be singing the songs for days, all written by Grammy and Tony award-winning pop icon Cyndi Lauper! It's a musical celebration about the friendships we discover, and the belief that you can change the world when you change your mind.Looking for a feel-good few hours? Look no further than this heart-warming tale of friendship, filled with love, laughter, stunning costumes and heart-stopping choreography.

Kinky Boots Cast


All the quirks of Road Dahl's classic has been bought to life in this all-singing, all-dancing musical which follows the story of the precocious 6-year-old who is wiser than her years.

The musical recently celebrated it's 5th anniversary at the Cambridge Theatre in London and it was a night to remember as Zaris Angel Hator stepped up to take the lead role.

Photo: Matilda, Cambridge Theatre

Bright, charming and utterly adorable, the young actress captures the audiences attention throughout with her devilishly cheeky grin and holds the stage with charming numbers such as 'Naughty'.

The wider chorus sees adults play children, which certainly adds to the humour of the show, but young stars step up to play much-loved characters such as Lavender and Bruce Bogtrotter. 

Photo: Matilda, Cambridge Theatre

And who could forget Miss Trunchball? The loveable villain, played by Oliver Brooks, is as domineering and sarcastic as the memorable book character and a stand out star of the play.

If you want comedy, heartwarming songs and a bit of mischief, then this is the show for you!

La Soiree

The circus extravaganza is back in London following its stint in the Christmas market in Leicester Square last year. Now the show has moved to Aldwych Theatre for another festive run.
Christmas Show - La Soiree
It’s London’s favourite naughty cabaret circus experience – its decadent, daring and at times downright dangerous! The grandeur of the Spiegel tent is the perfect setting and actually the space feels quite intimate once your inside with glamorous ushers showing the audience to their seats and the performers singing, sauntering and even climbing over the audience throughout the show!

This is an utterly captivating show that will leave you wanting to join the circus!