Amanda Holden announces festive single Home For Christmas

27 November 2020, 08:06 | Updated: 27 November 2020, 08:11

Amanda Holden has released a gorgeous new festive single
Amanda Holden has released a gorgeous new festive single. Picture: Amanda Holden

Heart Breakfast's very own Amanda Holden has announced the release of her new Christmas single, Home For Christmas.

Amanda Holden hopes her new Christmas single will spread some "love and positivity" as we come to the end of a tough year.

Speaking to Ashley Roberts about the new single, which will feature on the digital release of her album, Songs Of My Heart, she explained that 'home' doesn't mean home in the traditional sense.

She said: "I have sat on this song for three years, and I've always wanted to release it. Home for Christmas, it doesn't mean 'building', it means loved ones that you might or might not be able to see, and the feeling that you get from them.

"Home is about who you love."

The video, Amanda added "is a family affair, I've done the video with my children. It's emotional.

"It is to remind us to look out for people who might be alone this Christmas."

The song comes at a poignant moment of the year, when families and loved ones are hoping they will be able to reunite this Christmas against the backdrop of a global pandemic, travel bans, tiers, shielding and social bubbles.

Amanda said: “It’s been a difficult year for us all but one of the positives to come from 2020 has been the extra time we’ve been given to engage with friends, neighbours, and our families. ‘Home’ means love.

"This Christmas let’s all make that extra special effort to connect in whatever way we can with one another. Making someone feel they are not alone is one of the greatest gifts we can give in 2020.”

You can download the single, and her album, here.

Watch the video for Amanda Holden's Home For Christmas from 1pm today