Scientists Have Revealed How Santa Delivers All His Gifts In ONE Night!

Santa Claus

The million dollar question on the lips of children everywhere has finally been answered!

As a parent there is nothing more satisfying than getting your children to believe in the magic of Christmas, especially when it comes to Santa Claus.

However, we can all agree that when they grow older it's a lot harder to keep the story of St.Nicholas alive, as they all begin to ask the million dollar question that has even us adults perplexed.


At first we thought 'Oh well you know, there's time difference,' and then you realise actually, no that still doesn't leave Santa anywhere near enough time!

Now, Professor Brian Cox has finally found the answer to the question that's left us scratching our heads.

During an appearance on This Morning he explained the science behind the idea.

"Einstein gave us the answer in 1905 with his special theory of relativity," he revealed.

"What Einstein told us, which is true, is that if you get closer to the speed of light you go faster and faster and then distances shrink."

Okay...where are you going with this Brian?

Cox continued: "Let’s say Santa‘s going around the globe now, so he starts off in Canada and he goes whizzing across to Europe."

"Now that’s 3,000 miles or something, but if you’re going very close to the speed of light – let’s say 99.99999% of the speed of light – distances shrink, in that case by a factor of 7,000."

"Now, 7,000 miles is one mile when you’re travelling close to the speed of light."

So basically, if Santa was travelling at the speed of light, which we're sure his reindeers are more than capable of doing, then for every one mile for us is probably the equivalent to thousands of miles for Santa!

In which case, it would make his task a breeze!