Simple cleaning hack shows how to get rid of cloudy smudges on wine glasses

22 September 2020, 15:28 | Updated: 6 December 2020, 11:06

A TikTok user has revealed how to get wine glasses sparkling clean
A TikTok user has revealed how to get wine glasses sparkling clean. Picture: Getty Images/TikTok

This eco-friendly cleaning trick reveals how to get rid of smears on glasses with just one ingredient.

It’s more important than ever to try and find environmentally friendly alternatives in our everyday lives.

And a very simple way to save some money, and the planet, is by trying chemical free cleaning hacks around the house.

So one TikTok user has revealed how to get sparkling wine glasses using just white vinegar and warm water - no expensive products needed!

Under the name @mama_mila, the user posted the trick to her 90k followers, along with the caption: "It's the little things."

In the short clip, she can be seen filling the sink with warm water and two cups of white vinegar.

She then places the dirty wine glasses in the water before leaving them to soak for 10 minutes.

Mila explained alongside the video: “Vinegar breaks down the mineral build-up.”

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She then took the glasses out and wiped them down with a cleansing cloth to remove any extra droplets.

As if by magic, Mila showed off the shiny, smudge-free glasses.

And it looks like her followers were very impressed, as it racked up more than 400 likes, with one person replying: “Bless white vinegar!”

At the end of the video, the cleaning expert also revealed how she removes fingerprints on reading glasses, adding: “Bonus tip: 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water can also be used as a natural cleaner for your glasses.”

She then poured the mixture into a spray bottle and sprayed it on her glasses.

Elsewhere on her TikTok account, Mila also revealed how she refreshes her chopping boards using just lemon juice and sea salt.

In another video, the user can be seen squeezing half a lemon on a wooden chopping board before sprinkling salt over it and rubbing it in.

After a quick rinse and dry, she then adds mineral oil, writing: “This prevents it from absorbing moisture over time and cracking.”

“Wow so handy!,” commented one fan, while another agreed: “You can also do this with used coffee grounds before tossing them. It works wonders!!”

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