Can YOU Figure Out This Confusing Maths Question For 8 And 9 Year Olds?

6 November 2017, 13:24 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 13:28

Maths Question Asset

By Naomi Berners

This has left many people totally confused.

We speak for the majority when we say that the last ever maths exam we took during our education years was a serious cause for celebration.

And we're sure you'll also agree that we can count on one hand the number of times we've had to identify a type of triangle, or find what 'X' is in day-to-day life.

Until being a parent made us unlock that part of the brain that we hoped we'd never ever have to reopen.


We figured that it may be when our children reached secondary school we'd struggle to recall everything we'd ever learned about the joys of maths.

But, unfortunately, even questions for eight and nine year olds are stopping us dead in our tracks.

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The most recent conundrum to have emerged is from a paper for third grade students, and it's left EVERYONE confused.

If you look at questions 43 and 45, these are simple mathematical sums that we can rest assured we will get the correct answer to.

But number 44. Where do we begin?!

The question reads: "Janell had 15 marbles. She lost some of them. How many does Janell have now?"

Erm. SOME? What does "some" mean?!

Over 800 people have offered their suggestions to the poor confused mother who originally posted the homework sheet onto Reddit, but we're not sure any of the responses are correct...


This sounds the most logical answer, and it is a way: 


But this is probably the one that we all hope is correct (because it doesn't make us feel like maths failures): 


As you can see, mum Dusty and her daughter Izzy agreed to leave a question mark in the space where the answer should go, and they're yet to receive it back marked by the teacher.

Until Dusty puts us out of our misery, we will remain totally bamboozled! 

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