Couple miss out on whopping £182million lottery win as ticket payment didn't go through

2 March 2021, 12:05

The couple had been playing the winning numbers for five weeks before they appeared in the draw
The couple had been playing the winning numbers for five weeks before they appeared in the draw. Picture: Twitter/LiamMccrohan – Instagram/Rachel Kennedy
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

The unlucky pair had all the numbers to win the huge cash prize.

A couple from Hertfordshire have been left "absolutely heartbroken" after they missed out on winning £182million on the lottery.

Rachel Kennedy, 19, and Liam McCrohan, 21, had all the right winning numbers, however, did not bag the eye-watering amount of money as the payment for the ticket had not gone through.

The couple had played the same numbers – 6, 12, 22, 29, 33, 6 and 11 – for five weeks before they all appeared in last Friday's draw.

Rachel's lottery account was set to automatically purchase the same numbers repeatedly, but did not go through due to insufficient funds on the account.

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Rachel told The Sun: “I went on the app and it said ‘Winning Match’ and I thought ‘Oh my god I’ve won.’

“So I called my boyfriend Liam and my mum into the room and they couldn't believe it either so I was like ‘oh my god I need to call them’."

She went on: “I called the number thinking that I had won £182million and they said ‘yeah you've got the right numbers but you didn’t have the funds in your account for the payment of the ticket so it didn’t actually go through’.

“I was on top of the world when I thought I had won but when I found out I hadn’t, Liam was actually more upset than I was."

Liam was understandably also left disappointed by the outcome, admitting that he had already started working out what he would spend the cash on.

He said: "She was quite relaxed about it but I had kind of spent it in my head already.

“I was absolutely heartbroken when we heard the man on the phone say we hadn’t actually bought the ticket."

He added: “I was already picturing our dream house and the dream car, I think I was getting a bit carried away to be fair.

“On the app it really made it look like we had won because it comes up in orange and it says winning match.

“When you looked at it and it was her usual numbers it just really looked like she had won and I got a bit carried away.”

Rachel has since changed her numbers on the lottery, saying she believes the previous numbers are unlucky.

She explained: "We’ve played these exact numbers for about five weeks in a row now.

“I actually have two sets of numbers that I use. One of them is birthdays of family members and stuff, but the ones that were the winner were just random numbers that I had clicked one day and had been using ever since.

“We’re absolutely not going to keep using those numbers now, I’ve already changed them.

“I’ve never won anything before, we’ve just got the worst luck when it comes to stuff like this.”

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