Photo of cutlery drawer sparks fierce debate over ‘right’ way to organise knives and forks

20 April 2020, 11:57 | Updated: 20 April 2020, 15:15

People are debating how you should organise your cutlery drawer
People are debating how you should organise your cutlery drawer. Picture: Facebook/Getty Images

One man has sparked a fierce debate on Facebook after he revealed how he organises his cutlery drawer.

We all have our own way of doing housework, including getting pet hair off the sofa and cleaning limescale out of the kettle.

But one man has started an unexpected debate after he shared a photo of his cutlery drawer.

Shared in New Zealand Facebook group ‘How to Dad’, the snap sees the inside of the drawer organised very simply.

Don’t be an animal- it’s knives then forks then spoons. There is no other way #cutlerychat

Posted by How to DAD on Friday, 17 April 2020

"I'm sorry but if your cutlery drawer doesn't go in the order of 'knives, forks, spoons' then you need to go,” he wrote.

This stirred up some very passionate responses, with almost 10k people giving their own opinion on the matter.

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While many agreed with the photo, lots of people argued that you should store your cutlery in the order you use it at the table - which means forks on the left, followed by knives in the middle and spoons on the right.

One person replied: "Why would you put the knives on the left in the drawer when at the table you hold your knife with your RIGHT hand?"

Another agreed: "Put the knife and fork in the drawer as you would lay them on the table...then spoons go to the side. Honestly, I despair for mankind. I had no idea so many people were getting this simple concept so wrong!"

How to you organise your cutlery drawer?
How to you organise your cutlery drawer? Picture: Getty Images

A third revealed his own way of arranging his cutlery, adding: “This is all wrong, it's messing with my head. It's forks, spoons, then knives.”

But one man said spoons should always be on the left because they are 'first out for cereal' at breakfast time.

It turns out there are no rules when it comes to organising your cutlery drawer and it's more about personal preference.

According to kitchen showroom designer Elain Maytom, most people like to arrange their cutlery in the order they put it out on the table – with forks on the left, knives in the middle and spoons on the right.

She told Home Beautiful: “It always makes sense to have the handles facing out and nearest to you, so that’s what you grab hold of when taking them out."

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