You'll Soon Be Able To DELETE WhatsApp Messages BEFORE They Read Them!

New WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp are working on a life-changing new update.

Anyone who owns a phone, will know the horrors of sending a text you really regret. 

Whether you had one too many glasses of wine and thought it was a great idea to message THAT ex, or worse yet, fuming over text message to your colleague about your idiotic boss only to realise you've sent it to YOUR ACTUAL BOSS.


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There's no words to describe the suspense as you watch the blue bar on iMessage go from 0 to 100 percent SENT, or the nail biting moment you wait for the dreaded blue ticks to appear next to your whatsapp message - indicating it's been read. 

Well, what if we told you there was a way to reverse that panic-inducing error before the recipient reads it? 

WhatsApp may have answered all of our prayers by offering the editing setting we've all be waiting for. 

If you've sent a message you deeply regret, or simply made a typo, you will soon be able to hold down the message and simply tap the 'edit' or 'revoke' and your message can become a thing of the past. Ta da!

However there is ONE catch. The message has to have been unread by the recipient, meaning they can't have blue ticked you.

If the latest update does get the green light, then it will pretty much be like your text never even existed at all!

Meanwhile, a second feature - believed to be called Live Location Tracking, will let friends share their geolocation inside a group chat. 

Yep, you could soon share your moving position for a time of one, two or five minutes.

Creepy right?

Don't worry though, it's most likely going to be an opt-in service to protect your privacy. 

The news comes after a number of other apps tried to solve the issue. 

Protect Your Privates offered up a solution for those sending saucy photos by offering screenshot protection to ensure that the recipient isn't ever able to take a screen grab of any messages you've sent.

Thank god! One small step for technology is one HUGE leap towards making beer fear a thing of the past!