10 Dinner Table No Nos

Friends at the Dinner Table

Table manners may seem a thing of the past, but they are well and alive and little is as annoying as sharing a meal with somebody who does any of these 10 things...

Log on to your Facebook page or Twitter and you are sure to see pictures of food posted by friends and people you follow. From snaps of scrumptious meals to simple sandwiches, it seems that these days everybody is busy taking photos of their food. But guess what, most people find that rude. Whether it's being glued to your phone or talking with your mouth full, all the following faux pas are a real no no at the dinner table. So, let us remind you of some useful manners that will make sure you are asked for supper over and over again....

Taking Photos Of Your Meal

Just because lots of people do it, it doesn't mean it's OK. It's quite annoying in fact. Rather than snapping away at the table, put your phone away and enjoy that delicious looking meal!

Photographing food

Taking Selfies

Sorry, but taking selfie is another faux pas at the dinner table. You eat, like everyone else. We know. Now put that camera away and engage with your fellow diners!

Woman taking a selfie
Double Dipping

Dipping your chip, tortilla, bread stick into a sauce after you've taken a bite out of it is just not done. It's unhygienic if you are sharing.


Elbows On The Table

Your parents have probably told you this many a time, but eating with your elbows on the table is just rude! Your elbows should be relaxed and close to your body. Well-to-do girls once upon a time were taught to eat keeping a book under each armpit. If the books fell, it meant they were keeping their elbows too wide away from their body. And that was very frowned upon!


Checking Your Phone Constantly

It's antisocial. Unless you're expecting truly important news, put that phone down and pay attention to the person you are having supper with. No-one likes to be ignored!

Woman checking phone 

Drinking Directly From A Bottle Or Can

There's a reason why there are glasses! Drinking directly from a bottle or can is OK sometimes, but not at the dinner table. Ever. Especially if you are sharing your drink!


Talking With Your Mouth Full

One word: it's disgusting! Nobody wants to see your half-chewed food!


Making Chewing Noises

As above, but replace 'see' with 'hear'.


Biting Into A Bread Roll

Never bite directly into a bread roll. Simply 'break bread', i.e. tear off a small morsel, butter it (or not) and eat it in a mouthful.

Woman eating bread roll

Tying Your Napkin Around Your Neck

The napkin should rest on your lap. It's OK to tie it around the neck for babies and toddlers, but after that age one would assume you are not going to drop your food all over yourself!

Three people wearing napkins around their necks