Can Your Dirty Bed Sheets Cause These Gross Infections?

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Experts are divided over whether bedding that's not been changed for months could lead to these nasty maladies...

Bed sheets are one of those things that we all kind of ignore until they're so desperately in need of a wash we're forced to change them. 

Sound familiar? 

If you're anything like us, changing the duvet cover, sheets and pillow cases on the bed is an annoying chore we'd rather not bother with. 

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However, one expert reckons not changing your sheets could lead to a whole host of gross illnesses...

Laundry expert Mary Malone at has said that leaving your bed sheets for weeks on end could lead to infected wounds and even athlete's foot. Yuck! 

When we sleep our bodies continue to sweat, which means all those gross skin cells, dirt, sweat and even saliva, urine and faecal matter (pass the sick bucket!) end up embedded in our sheets. 

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If you don't wash them regularly you're basically lying in dirt and potentially germs. Plus, Malone believes that over time these nasties can seep into the mattress and pillows, meaning simply washing your covers isn't going to cut it. 

Quick, run to the washing machine! 

HOWEVER, Professor Val Curtis of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine told Huffington Post UK that there's no evidence to suggest not washing your bedding is bad for your health. 

Her advice? Just think of your bedding like your clothes. If your top starts to smell after a couple of wears chances are your bedding will too!

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How often do you change your bedding? Go on, 'fess up below...