Do You Live In Britain's Most Desired Location?

Monition East Devon

The list of the most sought after areas has been revealed...

When it comes to finding somewhere nice to live, it's not the bright lights of the U.K's capital city that is attracting the attention of families.

In fact, it turns out the most desired area to liven Britain is none other than the Essex Coast!

Yep, according to information drawn from a decade's worth of 'internal migration' data, the only way is Essex as the district of Tendring has seen the biggest net inflow of new settlers, in percentage terms, than any other place in the U.K.

It's reported that more than 63,818 moved to Tendring from other parts of the country between 2005-06 and 2014-15, while only 49,382 moved out of the district to another part of the country.

Basically, for every 1,000 people who moved in, only 773.8 people moved out.

It's no wonder Tendring, in the north of Essex, is a hot spot! The district includes seaside towns like Clacton, Frinton-on-Sea and Walton on the Naze, as well as large villages like St Osyth and Great Bentley.


Elsewhere, East Lothian in Scotland came in second place on the list with with only 791.8 people leaving for every 1,000 arriving, while East Devon and Cornwall took third and fourth place with Rother in East Sussex finishing up in the top five. 

Where people have flocked to live:

  1. Tendring - 773.8

  2. East Lothian - 791.8

  3. East Devon - 797.3

  4. Cornwall - 799.6

  5. Rother - 801.5

  6. Uttlesford - 806.7

  7. South Norfolk - 808.4

  8. Isle of Wight - 810.9

  9. North Somerset - 813.9

  10. Christchurch - 813.9