Doctor warns couples against sharing a bed

10 June 2022, 13:49

Do you share a bed with your partner? (stock image)
Do you share a bed with your partner? (stock image). Picture: Getty
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By Heart reporter

Dr Karan Rajan has advised couples to sleep alone if they want to improve their sleep quality.

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While the vast majority of couples sleep in the same bed together, one doctor has claimed that this routine isn't optimum for sleep quality.

Dr Karan Rajan took to TikTok to explain that sleeping next to someone can impact how deeply you fall asleep. If your partner is moving around or snoring, he says, they can prevent you from entering R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, which is the deepest stage of the sleep cycle.

He goes onto reveal that one partner could potentially be impacted more than the other.

Dr Rajan, who works as a surgeon and lecturer at the University of Sunderland, says that sleeping in your own bed is a good idea because your body heat is likely to be lower, which could help you fall asleep.

A doctor has warned couples against sharing a bed (stock image)
A doctor has warned couples against sharing a bed (stock image). Picture: Getty

In a TikTok vid shared with his 4.8 million followers, he said: "One of the triggers you need to be able to fall asleep, is the drop in core body temperature. Sharing a bed increases body heat so it'll take longer for you to fall asleep."

His followers have been left divided by his comments, with many saying they couldn't imagine sleeping without their partner. Others, however, swore by their decision to sleep in separate beds.

One person wrote: “My husband and I have totally different sleep schedules and styles, we have slept separately for eight years, love it!”

Another disagreed, saying they 'like cuddles' too much, while a third joked: “Post-divorce, THE BEST sleep of my life!"