You’ve been using dry shampoo wrong this whole time

You've been using dry shampoo wrong

Think you've been using the miracle hair hack right? We hate to tell you, but you probably haven't...

God bless dry shampoo - those miracle sprays have come to the rescue of many hair disasters. 

Whether at a festival, in desperate need of some volume or just on a regular morning when you've slept through your alarm, those trusty cans have prevented many bad hair days.

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But there is a danger that you've been using it wrong this whole time.

How is that possible? Just grab and spray? Well apparently its not so simple...

Expert from dry shampoo brand Batiste recently revealed the secret to using the magical product properly to Glamour.

Do brush it out

Don't just spray it on and leave it as there's a danger of leaving excess product in your hair. Val says: "If you are predominately using dry shampoo for sebum or oily roots rescue, brush it through your hair to remove excess product".

But if you want some extra texture, don't brush it out.

Don't use it too much

Val says it's like "layering makeup on top of itself day after day without removing it"

It should only be used when it's really needed.

Use it with a hairdryer

Thus might seem strange but apparently using a hairdryer following dry shampoo application helps remove residue and helps give volume.

Don't just spray the top of your hair

To get the most out of your dry shampoo, section the hair and spray the roots between each of those sections to make sure your whole hair is covered, not just the top.