7 Early Signs That You're Dating The Wrong Person

Awkward date

Meeting someone new is always exciting, especially when you really like each other and you begin to hang out more and more.

However, when it comes to introducing him to family, do you find yourself making excuses? And he's not exactly jumping with joy at the thought either...

When it gets to this point, you might need to take a rain check. Is it really going to work out? Are they really 'the one'?

Here's out guide to knowing when to stick with the blossoming relationship and when to nip it in the bud.

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1. They Don't Make You Laugh

If you find yourself on a date and it sounds like the clattering of knives and forks and the sounds of chirping crickets then this is a definite sign that they might not be the one for you...You want humour and excitement, particularly at the beginning of the relationship! If there isn't that spark you may want to reconsider.

2. They Keep Score

He paid for lunch and that was £10 so when it comes to dinner you need to pay £15 while he pays £5, so you know, now you're even. No. This is not the start of a healthy relationship. Especially when it comes to emotions. What happens when they start keeping score of who one what argument? No thank you.

3. You Can't Be Your True Self Around Them  

Are you a bit scared to admit that you're a total Vampire Diaries addict? Instead of catching up on some supernatural action, you find yourself watching a Star Wars medley marathon with him in a full face of makeup because you told him it was totally, like, your favourite film too! If you're too afraid that they'll judge you for who you truly are then maybe your should call it a day.

4. You Don't Get On With Their Friends And Family

 Okay, so his mum doesn't have to be your BFF but remember if you're in it for the long haul, so are his family. And his best friends don't have to be your best friends but if these are the people he surrounds himself with... Ask yourself, do you really want that?

5. Your Core Values Are At Odds

Opposites attract, right? Not always when it comes to your true beliefs. If you believe that pizza should only be eaten on weekends and they are adamant that every day is a pizza day then it's going to cause some serious arguments. Okay, we're using pizza as an example here but you get the point. 

6. They Keep Talking About Their Ex

Oh puuuurleeease! If they can't stop talking about their ex early on in the relationship then you know they're not over them. Don't get yourself caught up in unfinished business...

7. They Don't Want To Be With You In Public

Good-bye now.