This Is What You Have To Do To Burn Off An Easter Egg

19 March 2018, 15:34 | Updated: 21 March 2018, 11:11

Easter Chocolate

These are the exercises you have to do to burn off some of your favourite Easter treats!

Just when you start to get back into shape after an over-indulgent Christmas, Easter looms up out of nowhere and tempts you with even more chocolate goodies.

All those sweet treats, coupled with a nice long bank holiday means that whoops, the gym is calling once more.

This is what you have to do to burn off some of your favourite Easter treats:

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Easter egg: Approx 1200-1500 calories (including the choccie bars)

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To burn off your average Easter egg and the chocolate bars it comes with, you'd have to do approximately 153 minutes of skipping, or around 102 minutes of swimming. Or a ten mile run. Ouch. 


Creme egg: Approx 177 calories

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Not as soul-destroying as a big old Easter egg - to burn off a Creme Egg will only require 15 minutes of burpees.


Hot cross bun: 200 calories

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If you fancy a hot cross bun, you'll need to do about 25 minutes of solid running. And let's face it, you never just have one hot cross bun.


A bag of mini eggs: 445 calories

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If you scoff the whole pack, you'd need to get on down and do around 50 minutes of Zumba. 


2 Easter egg nest cakes: 350 calories

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You know the ones - those classic Weetabix/cornflake nests filled with mini eggs - they'll take you an actual HIIT class to get rid of the calories. 

This guilt-free guide to enjoying your easter treats will ensure that you don't indulge too much!

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