The Way This Elderly Man Helped His Wife After Surgery Will Make You Say AWW!

Elderly Man Helps His Wife After Surgery

Nothing is more heart melting than an elderly couple totally in love! But this man helped his wife in a particularly sweet way after she had surgery on her wrist.

We've all heard the song that 'little things mean a lot' and it couldn't be more true in this case!

The whole Twittersphere let out a simultaneous AWWW after Amy Pennington shared an adorable picture taken by her grandma of her grandma helping her out after recent wrist surgery. 

The procedure had meant that she couldn't do her hair in the morning, so her husband came to the rescue and helped her out.

The tweet has now been shared over 88,000 times and has melted ALOT of hearts.

Amy's response to how viral her grandma's picture has gone is pretty hilarious! 

Don't worry Amy we think your grandma looks ADORABLE!