Do Your Emoji Choices Reveal Your Personality Secrets?


Can you remember life before emojis?

Well, we can, but it wasn’t half as fun as being able to text a stamping flamenco dancer to our nearest and dearest!

You may think it’s all innocent fun, but according to new scientific studies (yes, really), emojis are actually a great window into the personalities of those who use them.

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They’re like the body language indicators of your digital life, according to a report in the ‘Trends on Cognitive Sciences’ journal. In fact, researchers from Edge Hill University in Lancashire believe they’re up there with gestures and facial expressions.

The researchers noted that we’re using emojis more and more to replicate face-to-face conversation. Imagine you tripped and stubbed your toe. You might send a text telling your friend ‘Ouch, I hurt my toe’ but you include the ‘tears of joy’ emoji – highlighting that you’re laughing and crying at the same time. The person you’re messaging is less likely to be worried, compared to a text with the exact same words and the sad face emoji for example.

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Okay, so this is a simple example, but there’s even scientists analyzing the psychology of emojis!

Apparently, people who use emojis are more agreeable in nature and tend to use more hand gestures and facial expressions in real life. They’re also smiley and more empathetic people who are able to perceive nuances in social situations, like when someone is anxious or tense.

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Experts are now delivering a warning… get with emojis or suffer the consequences! If you can’t decipher the meaning in emojis you may struggle to communicate with the younger generations. Yikes!

Got a coffee break coming up? Here are some more facts from the emoji research to impress your colleagues…

+ French speakers use four times as many heart emoji than other languages

+ French is the only language where a 'smiley' does not top the list for its use

+ Arabic speakers used four times the average rate of Flowers and plants emoji

+ Russian speakers use three times the average rate of romantic emoji

+ Australia's emoji use includes double the average amount of alcohol-themed emoji, 65% more drug emoji than the average

+ Americans lead for the use of a random assortment of emoji & categories, including skulls, birthday cake, fire, tech, LGBT, meat etc

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What do you think? Are you ready for the emoji revolution?