You Need To Ditch This Common Bathroom Item IMMEDIATELY

Psycho shower exfoliator canvas

They may look pretty in their bright array of bejeweled colours, but don't be deceived... here's why you need to ditch your shower puff RIGHT NOW!

Okay, hands up, we used ours only this morning... but it's now official: Our shower puff is the grossest thing in our bathroom.

In our defence, we always been preached to about the importance of exfoliating and thought these were useful!

URGH...little did we know! 

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Now new information from a study in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, has revealed that a whopping 98% of dermatologists say you should NEVER use one of these. 

Instead of helping us, these colourful cleaning products are a rancid breeding ground for all sorts of horrible germs, which multiply inside them. 

A woman reaches for her shower puff | Picture: iStock

Scientists therefore suggest ditching these gross household items, before they lead to the growth of nasty skin infections...ICK! 

So we can all agree then, shower puffs should strictly be reserved for Halloween fancy dress from now on!