Can You Correctly Guess The Time This Red Dot Will Appear?

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Seeing is believing... or so they say.

Our brains are complex things, capable of imagining and inventing incredible things...however, they can also be tricked by the simplest of games. 

But is yours so easily fooled?

When 90 people took part in a little test by Birmingham University, researchers discovered that our brain makes sense of the world around us based on patterns of what we think will happen. 

However, this need for reoccurring stories sometimes backfires, causing us to get things wrong.

Let us explain further...

Watch these red dots appear one by one:


The last dot took much longer to appear than the rest of the dots, right? 

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Well half right. 

The dot does appear later than the other dots it's true, but our brain makes us think that it's happening slower than it actually is. 

We perceive the dot to appear about halfway between prediction and reality. 

So you feel like the dot is taking much longer to appear than it actually is. 

Freaky huh?