Fashion: Summer vs. Winter

As Autumn approaches we've asked our online editors, summer loving Zoe and winter enthusiast Stef to tell us about their passion for the hot and cold seasons.

Why I love summer fashion by Zoe Zahra
We live in a country where we have very little sunshine so when the sun decides to put its hat on I can't wait to banish those tights and ditch the chunky boots in favour of whacking on the fake tan and digging out the flip flops.

What I love about summer fashion is the variety and the bright colours.  I know you don't just have to keep the fuchsia pinks and sunny yellows for summer but people seem more daring in their fashion choices when the sun comes out to play.  We turn from caterpillars, all cocooned in our layers, and transform into butterflies dressed in floral print sundresses and sparkly strappy shoes. 

Needless to say I'm not looking forward to getting back in to my trusty jeans and winter boots.  Bye bye summer wardrobe, see you next year.

Why I love winter fashion by Stef Bottinelli

There are many reasons why I love winter fashion, but the main one is being able to layer and wear more items of clothing. As pretty and fun as summer garments are, to me winter pieces tend to be more stylish and allow you to be more eclectic and be more creative with accessories like gloves, scarves and hats.

Summer in the UK is also tricky as there is no guarantee of good weather, so you have to carry lots of extra clothes, just in case the temperature drops or rises suddenly. Winters are cold so you know where you stand and you just wrap up warm instead of carrying a wardrobe with you for all seasons.

I think people make more effort in winter than in summer when many just throw anything on and can look a bit unkempt. Along with all the possibilities that winter fashion offers, I love the feeling of being warm when it's cold outside and the cosiness of it all.

Do you prefer summer or winter fashion? Tell us below!

Winter all the way jumpers. cardigans .and fluffy soxs lol
Dawn Forbes

Winter. a new coat.
Jan Ellis

Christine Deboo

i prefer winter. i love going out and buying the new jeans with a jumper i can buy.
i love the different patterns, and how everyone gets all wrapped up with multiple layers, with contrasting colours.
Anna Bowman

Winter fashion is so much more substantial than summer fashion both in materials and quality. Summer wardrobes are pretty much disposable these days with minimalist t-shirts and short skirts. I love the variety of funky tweed skirts available in winter, and great knitwear, not to mention coats. Lovely wide lapels on long wool coats, huge buckles on thick leather belts, chunky wraps and cardigans in autumn colours; these are a few of my favourite things.
Don't get me wrong I love the warm weather, but I find summer clothes a chore to shop for. Even though I have an abundance of knitwear and wool skirts (and coats) I can't resist shopping for more in the winter, they are just irresistible and permanent fixtures in my wardrobe.
Jane Kamara