This is the amazing reason ASOS name their clothes

27 April 2018, 12:11 | Updated: 7 June 2018, 16:59

ASOS Product Names

By Alice Westoby

Theres very cool reason for the names of the products ASOS sell.

It's easy to wonder how shops name their products but now it's actually been revealed how one shop makes the tough decision.

Online fashion retailer ASOS have a super sweet reason behind the namesake of all their products.

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The reason came to light when somebody tweeted about it recently and a current ASOS employee confirmed it.

Twitter user Lucy said: "So apparently on ASOS, if an item of clothing has someone’s name at the start of it, it means that person has been at the company for a certain amount of years so they are rewarded with having something named after them, who knew?" 

ASOS Lucy Shoes

If you look closely, ASOS is full of names that could be from members of staff | Picture: ASOS

So if you ever wondered why your Lucy pumps or Tabbi flat-forms were called that, there you go!

ASOS menswear buyer Chloe O'Keefe replied saying that she was yet to name her item...

How cute! You'll never buy from ASOS without taking a look at the name of the product again. 

What item of clothing would you have named after you?