You can now buy 'chafing bands' to stop your thighs getting sore in hot weather

15 June 2018, 12:11 | Updated: 15 June 2018, 14:32

Black Chafing Bands

By Alice Westoby

These nifty £8 bands will be your first line of defence against 'chub rub' as the weather heats up.

There's nothing more annoying on a lovely summers day than putting on your favourite dress only to feel the dreaded chafe of your legs a couple of hours later.

By that point you're already five Pimms down in a beer garden and you have to uncomfortably last the rest of the day with summers worst affliction (some say worse than hay fever).... chub rub.

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Ladies of all shapes and sizes know the struggle is REAL when it comes to your legs chafing on a hot day and thankfully Pretty Little Thing have got our backs.

Pretty Little Thing Chafe Bands

They are now selling black chafing bands priced at £8 which have already sold out on their site here.

We hope they restock soon as they sound like our summer saviour! 

The product description says: "Put your chafing days behind you and make these bands your saviour. Featuring one pair of black bands, style these under any look for extra support and a ton of comfort."

Pretty Little Thing aren't the first people to think of this nifty idea, as online lingerie brand Mish have been stocking them for a while now at £19.99 - so PLT are definitely the first to make them affordable.

We're praying they are back in stock soon!