People Are FURIOUS About Boohoo's New Campaign For 'All Girls'

8 August 2017, 09:59 | Updated: 7 June 2018, 16:59

People Are FUMING Over Boohoo's New Campaign For '

By Hollie Borland

Many shoppers are angry at just how excluded they feel from Boohoo's "inclusivity" campaign.

Not that long ago, the low-price fashion retailer was criticised for not using actual plus size models to demonstrate their plus size clothes. Now they're gone one step further and people are angry. 

The online boutique has launched a new campaign titled #AllGirls aimed at "inclusivity" in fashion. 

Only, there's just one thing: there are no plus size models. Or disabled models. Or trans. Or anyone over the age of 30.


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So apparently, when talk about inclusivity, they mean to include everyone who already fits in well in the fashion industry.

Shoppers are fuming at the brand's advertising campaign, claiming that they are just jumping on the bandwagon of inclusivity without actually bothering to promote a body-positive image. 

Many people took to twitter to highlight just how excluded they feel from Boohoo's inclusivity campaign.

Considering that recently came under fire for not using plus size models to demonstrate their plus size range, as well as charging more for their plus size range, and now this, we reckon they've made it pretty clear about where they stand on anyone who doesn't fit into the perfect fashion model package. 

We know that clothes sell better when they're on beautiful people, but don't try and claim to be sticking up for the 'ordinary people' when you're quite clearly not.

Love your body.