People Are Outraged By This Sign On Display In Missguided

8 August 2017, 13:00 | Updated: 7 June 2018, 16:59

Missguided sign offends shoppers

By Alice Westoby

People are not happy with the 'send me nudes' signs on display in this clothes store.

Shopping on the high street or at your local mall isn't what it used to be!

Clothing brands are trying more and more to make their stores a treat for the senses with flashing lights, extravagant decorations and loud music becoming the norm for our shopping excursions these days.

But some are of the opinion that Missguided have gone a bit too far with the decor in their stores.

The brand began their success online and have has celebrity endorsement from the likes of the Kardashians, Pamela Anderson and pretty much the entire female cast of Love Island but they might need to win back over the general public after this blunder.

Twitter user Rachel Gardner spotted this neon signage in their Manchester store which reads 'Send me nudes x' and took to the social network site to express her horror.

In her tweet she pleaded with the chain "What hope is there for girls when the stores they shop in give them this message? it's time to respect girls & remove this sign."

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Rachel has also created a petition for the store to remove the sign and it has gained so much momentum over the weekend that it has almost reached its goal of 9,000 signatures.

To add more weight to the importance of raising awareness around 'sexting culture' she highlighted a report by child protection charity NSPCC.

It says "teenage girls are most adversely affected by the sexting culture. Once online, these nude images can be seen and used by anyone, making girls and vulnerable young women the victims of bullying, revenge porn and exploitation. Many of these nude images can even make their way to child abuse websites."

It's an incredibly potent issue that has struck a chord with many who have seen the sign and will surely raise a concern for parents about this language displayed in front of their youngsters whilst on an innocent shopping trip with friends.

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