You've Been Saying These Brand Names Wrong Since Forever!

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We use some of these brands names so often that they've become part of our every day vocabulary. 

But how many of them are you saying wrong? Or more to the point, how many are you saying right?

From cars to beer, fashion to food, it seems that there are some names we're just not getting right! 

Here are some of the most common mistakes and how to correct them.

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1. Nutella

How we say it: nuh-tell-uh

How it's actually pronounced: new-tell-uh


How we say it: eye-key-ah

How it's actually pronounced: ih-key-yah

3. Porsche


How we say it: poor-sh

How it's actually pronounced: poor-sha


How we say it: nyke

How it's actually pronounced: nyk-ey


How we say it: her-meez

How it's actually pronounced: air-meez

6. Balmain

How we say it: bal-mayn

How it's actually pronounced: bal-mah

7. Volkswagon

How we say it: volks-wag-en

How it's actually pronounced: vo-ks-var-gun

8. Yves Saint Laurent

How we say it: eves-saint-loh-rent

How it's actually pronounced: eve-san-loh-ron

9. Stella Artois 

How we say it: stell-ah ar-twahs

How it's actually pronounced: stell-ah ar-twa

10. adidas

How we say it: AH-dee-das

How it's actually pronounced: ah-DEE-das

11. Renault

How we say it: ren-olt

How it's actually pronounced: ren-oh

12. Chevrolet

How we say it: shev-ro-let

How it's actually pronounced: shev-rol-lay