Ferne McCann unleashes her inner Mrs. Hinch with series of simple time saving tasks using household items

6 December 2019, 15:00 | Updated: 6 December 2019, 15:01

From making omelettes with plastic bottles to using spaghetti to light awkward candles, you'll wonder how you managed without these handy tips.

We all love a time-saving tip, even celeb mum Ferne McCann.

The 29-year-old, who juggles filming a TV-show, raising a two year old, and running both a fashion and a nutrition business, has shared a selection of some of her favourite life hacks - and they're so simple you'll wonder why you're not doing them already.

From separating egg yolks with an empty water bottle to lighting a jar candle with a piece of spaghetti, these are the sort of tips that can make every day life just a little bit easier - and are sure to even get 'cleanfluencer' Mrs. Hinch's attention!

She said: "I just love making omelettes. To separate the egg yolk from the egg white, get an empty plastic bottle, hover it over the yolk squeeze it, release it, bob's your uncle.

Ferne McCann is a busy woman - so it's unsurprising she has an arsenal of time-saving tricks
Picture: TalkTalk
Ferne McCann shows off her nifty trick for separating eggs
Ferne McCann shows off her nifty trick for separating eggs. Picture: TalkTalk

"If you light the end of the spaghetti stick on the hob, that way you can light an awkward candle without burning your fingers of melting your nails."

Ferne also likes to use office staple bulldog clips to organise wires and chargers, or squeeze last drop out of toothpaste.

She said: “Life has become so unnecessarily complicated, especially as a mum, I always try my best to keep things super simple.

"Being mum to a two-year-old means those precious moments to myself are few and far between.

The reality star juggles motherhood with running several companies
The reality star juggles motherhood with running several companies. Picture: TalkTalk

"One of my favourite ways of enjoying some me-time is unwinding in front of the telly, I love getting stuck into a good drama!”

Ferne's tips come as new research reveals Brits are yearning for a simpler life with 68 percent saying life is unnecessarily complicated these days.

Like Ferne many of us enjoy watching TV to unwind, however it’s not always as easy as it should be, with the research revealing a fifth of Brits spend an average of 24 minutes a day finding the right one out their five remotes.

Who knew a piece of spaghetti could be used to light a candle?
Who knew a piece of spaghetti could be used to light a candle? Picture: TalkTalk

The figures, released by TalkTalk TV, also found that Brits fritter away almost four hours a day doing seemingly unnecessary things, including spending 20 minutes each morning staring in to space - in fact, the research reveals the Brits spend more than a quarter of year "faffing".

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