Festival dating ideas

Festivals are a vital part of the British summer and great for dating. Check out these ideas and cross your fingers for some sun.

Get to the front
You’ll need to bag your places in the front row early and stay there all day. Plenty of time for getting-to-know-you chat and you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view of the headliners.

Champion the underdog
If big crowds aren’t conducive to dating fun, make your way to the smaller stages. You’ll catch the up and coming bands in a more intimate setting and discover something new together; guaranteed romance.

Don’t plan
The best festival fun lies in the unexpected. Wonder hither and thither with your date as the mood takes you and you’re bound to literally trip over a fantastic time, whether it’s comedy, cabaret, theatre or a bloke playing the bongos with a cat on his head.

Delicious dinner
A dubious burger is no longer the only sustenance for the intrepid festival goer; you’ll have a myriad of mouth-watering things to enjoy, from baked potatoes to biriyani. To really impress, bring a candle and a blanket for a romantic sit down meal.