FIDELITY Rings Are Now A Thing ... For TV Bingers

Wedding Rings

The ice cream brand Cornetto has created a pair of Commitment Rings, designed for couples who can’t hold back their series urges.

With over 28 million people admitting that they have sneakily watched an episode without their partner, everything is about to change with this new invention… 

Cornetto Commitment rings


So how do the rings work?

- They're registered via the Companion smartphone app

- Near Field Communication (NFC) technology links the rings to streaming services

- Companion app detects when the rings are united and unlocks the service

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The hi-tech rings are directly linked to the streaming service, and the service can only be used when the rings are together.

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So, for those of you thinking of squeezing in an episode while your partner is sleeping or at work, think again! These rings instead encourage couples to tie the virtual knot by promising to use the series to bond together.  

In fact, it’s now been revealed that 80 percent of couples now fall in love with their partner over a series.

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So... a hot date and Series 5 of Breaking Bad, and you're good to go.