This photo shows why you HAVE to listen to flight safety demos

South West Airlines Selfie

By Alice Westoby

This selfie shows how easy it is to THINK you have understood flight safety when really you haven't.

Moments after a woman was sucked out of an airplane window, people started taking selfies. 

But that disrespectful moment could actually prove to be life saving - as it has highlighted how important it is to pay attention to onboard safety demos.

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A selfie shared by a passenger on the same Southwest Air flight sparked debate on Twitter as every person in the photo can be seen to be using their oxygen masks incorrectly.

Can you spot the error?

A US travel expert tweeted the photo and pointed out that when the masks drop from the ceiling on a flight you should cover both your MOUTH and NOSE with them.

It proves that even when we think we know all the on board safety procedures it's well worth watching the demonstration at the start of every flight you take.

As Twitter user @gbrockwell pointed out, just "because you watched the demo that one time when you were 10" doesn't mean you know it well enough to potentially save your life.

Pay attention the next time cabin crew do the safety demo - they're doing it for your benefit!