Parents are naming their kids after types of FOOD

Food inspired baby names

By Alice Westoby

Looking for baby name inspiration? Food inspired names might sound bizarre but can actually be in quite good taste.

Baby name trends are very cyclical so it can be hard to keep up.

Our advice would be just pick a name you like but if you are stuck for inspiration then the latest naming fad could be helpful.

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According to a post on parenting website Babycentre, baby names inspired by food are all the rage and here are some of the most popular names that parents have been choosing from...

Food inspired baby names

Some of the names seem more conventional than others such as Cherry and Olive but others are actually pretty adorable despite being named after items you might eat for dinner.

Just think of a little baby Mac - how cute!

If you're looking for something a bit more traditional for your newborn then perhaps the list of 2018's top baby names might provide more inspiration.

So far the top baby names of the year for girls are Emma, Olivia and Ava and for boys it's Liam, Noah and Logan