Americans are eating Yorkshire Puddings all wrong

Yorkshire Pudding 2

Many Brits were outraged after the New York Times shared this familiar recipe.

You'd be hard pushed to find someone in the United Kingdom who hasn't tried or at least heard of a Yorkshire Pudding.

The Sunday dinner staple is a classic British dish so it's understandable that many were surprised to find that some in the USA hadn't heard of it before or that they were calling it something totally different.

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It only came to light when the New York Times tweeted the following...

Their tweet was a recipe which referred to the dish as a 'Dutch Baby' and as expected it didn't take long for outraged Brits to jump to the defence of what appeared to be a Yorkshire Pudding.

It seems like the US like their Yorkies with fruit...not an inch of gravy in sight!

Yorkshire Pudding 1

A Yorkshire Pudding as many Brits know it...full of gravy! | Picture: Getty

Some of the responses from passionate Brits to the tweet are hilarious...

Many tweeters also pointed out that New York got its name from Yorkshire, so it's pretty ironic that they aren't clued up on the northern county's best export. 

We're sure they're well informed now after this Twitter faux pas!