Cadbury's are releasing huge tins of Creme Egg and Mini Eggs in time for Easter

11 January 2020, 14:52

New Cadbury easter tins filled with Mini Eggs or Creme Eggs
New Cadbury easter tins filled with Mini Eggs or Creme Eggs. Picture: Cadbury's

The well-loved Easter treats have sold out but Cadbury's says they'll be back in stock soon.

With stores selling Easter eggs before the end of December, anyone looking for an early Easter chocolate treats is spoiled for choice this year. New for 2020, Cadbury's launched the £6 tins to the delight of chocolate lovers everywhere. Both the Creme Egg tin and the Mini Egg tin are sold out.

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Cadbury's new Creme Eggs tin has eight eggs and one bag of mini Creme Eggs. The Mini Egg tin contains 10, 32g 'treat size' bags of eggs. Both gifts are expected back in stock online on 14 January.

Last year Cadbury angered many Mini Egg fans by reducing the packet size. The 'family' bags previously weighed 328g, now only 296g.

And price savvy snackers will note Cadbury's sells the 296g family packs for £3.45 each, making it the cheaper option per 100g.

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