This Is Why You Should NEVER Put Chocolate In The Fridge

Chocolate child

By Alice Westoby

Putting chocolate in the fridge isn't a good idea and here's why.

Breaking news should NEVER put chocolate in the fridge!

Yep that chocolate drawer in the bottom of the fridge is not the best method of storage for your chocolate buttons or Milky Way's because of something called 'sugar bloom'.

Have you ever noticed some white residue appear on the top of your chocolate bars before? That's exactly it, and it is caused when your chocolate is too chilled and reacts with warmer air.

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This causes condensation on the bar which crystallises leaving the white stuff on the surface of the chocolate.

It is instead recommended that chocolate is stored somewhere cool and dark preferably between 10 to 20 degrees with 15 degrees being the perfect temperature.

But if the house does get too hot then it's fine to let your Dairy Milk retreat to the fridge again!

Another item of food you might have been storing in the wrong place in eggs as it's revealed that they shouldn't be kept in the door of the fridge.


They are fine to be kept in the fridge but by storing them in the door they are subject to frequent changing in temperature every time somebody opens it which could make them go rotten faster.