These Are The Christmas Foods You Should NEVER Share With Your Pets

18 December 2017, 17:33 | Updated: 8 June 2018, 15:45

Pets Can't Eat These Christmas Foods!

These Christmas leftovers shouldn't be ending up in the dog bowl this year!

The best part of Christmas after Christmas dinner is the leftovers.

Endless amounts of turkey and stuffing to give us a weeks worth of sandwiches to enjoy after the main event is over. But did you know some festive food isn't suitable for your pets and could be very harmful?

So before you share your leftovers with your furry friend make sure you do your research.

Dr Maeve Moorcroft, head of pets at Pets At Home told The Metro some of the foods to be wary of giving your pet no matter how big those puppy dog eyes get...

Christmas foods that definitely AREN'T ok...

  • Mince pies - sultanas and raisins don't agree with dogs

  • Gravy - full of fat and salts

  • Candy canes - too much sugar can be harmful for animals

  • Bread sauce - the high levels of lactose make it difficult for pets to digest

  • Stuffing - the herbs, onions and spices can be harmful

  • Nuts - these can be toxic for animals

  • Onions - these are poisonous for dogs

  • Chocolate - can be deadly for animals

  • Christmas pudding and Christmas cake - full of raisins and sultanas

  • Pigs in blankets - high levels of fat and salt

  • Turkey skin and bones - the skin is fatty and the bones can splinter causing harm

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Christmas foods that ARE ok...

  • Turkey - but only the white meat with no bones

  • Potatoes - plain, mashed or boiled with no added ingredients

  • Carrots - raw or cooked

  • Parsnips - with no added ingredients

  • Peas

  • Brussels Sprouts

But human food is human food for a reason so don't over indulge your pets on even the food that IS safe! A better option would be to buy Christmas treats specially designed for pets and some brands even do special Christmas dinners for your pooch.

Gourmet dog food brand Lily's Kitchen do a 'Three Bird Feast' for dogs at only £2.50 per can and also a Turkey option for cats at only 99p a portion.

So don't worry - your pets don't need to feel left out of the feasting this Christmas at all!