The 'dandruff scraping trend' is gross AND bad for you

20 August 2018, 15:49 | Updated: 23 August 2018, 16:55

Just when you think you've heard it all, the 'dandruff scraping trend' is born.

If you're partial to watching a spot being popped or a pimple being squeezed, the 'dandruff scraping trend' might be intriguing to you.

However, if you find viewing people scrape dead skin from their scalp weirdly satisfying, experts are urging you not to try it for yourself. 

Over scratching an already irritated area will make the dandruff worse, and cause irritation and inflammation.

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Dr Imogen Bexfield, director of White Swan Aesthetics told Metro: "Scratching is a natural reaction to an itch but unfortunately scratching dandruff can cause an unhealthy scalp as well as damage your hair.

"Over scratching the head can lead to inflammation, causing the skin to become tender and sore and can even result in wounds and scabs."

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The videos circulating the web tend to feature large dandruff pieces - and this level of flakiness is linked to actual medical conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis.

Needless to say, scratching an actual medical condition is not wise.

Scraping away the skin can expose the scalp to infection, and whilst you're having a right old dig in there, any grime under your fingernails can lodge itself into small open wounds and scratches - causing further irritation.

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If you suffer with dandruff, experts advise to do what we've been doing for years - treat it with tea tree oil or a specialised anti-dandruff shampoo. 

Because dandruff is often caused by an imbalance in pH levels, the likes of lemon juice and other acidic substances could help break down the unwelcome flakes.

Failing that, it might be a trip to the GP to get some more intense help to get rid.

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