Research Has Revealed A Hayfever Remedy We'll Happily Get On Board With

22 June 2017, 15:38 | Updated: 8 June 2018, 15:45

Hayfever Gin and Tonic

A recent study has claimed that our favourite tipple could be the answer to all my hayfever woes!

Hayfever, if you suffer from it can be one of summer biggest bug bears.

Those who have never had the pleasure of a bunged up nose and streaming eyes ruining a beautiful summers day at the park won't ever understand the woes of suffering from the pollen allergy.

But this new found allergy relief might make them wish they had it after all!

According to charity Asthma UK, drinking gin might help hay fever sufferers combat their allergies more than other alcohols.

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Alcohol commonly worsens the symptoms of hayfever due to the hystamine and sulphites which it contains that potentially trigger reactions. These are often found in drinks such as red wine or beer because they are fermented drinks.

If you stick to clear spirits such as gin or vodka your symptoms will be reduced in comparison due to their low histamine levels.

But if we are being quite honest with you it's worth avoiding alcohol totally if you want rid of all the symptoms! It's just that gin happens to be the best bet in the alcohol cupboard compared to other tipples.

So if you insist on drinking when the pollen count is high, reach for a good old G&T!