Pancake Day has left the nation divided after people admit to topping them with GRAVY

6 March 2019, 12:32 | Updated: 6 March 2019, 12:34

People have been sharing their bizarre pancake day choices
People have been sharing their bizarre pancake day choices. Picture: Getty

Everyone enjoys their pancakes differently but people have been left divided by bizarre pancakes including gravy and tuna.

It was Pancake Day yesterday and the internet divided those who were enjoying their pancakes with some bizarre toppings that deviated from the classic lemon and sugar combo.

Sports reporter Ian Abrahams was one of those to stir debate on Twitter with his favourite pancake topping - tuna.

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The night before Shrove Tuesday he tweeted a picture of the bizarre topping with a caption that said: "Pancake Day tomorrow, can't wait for my usual breakfast of pancakes with tuna - delicious".

People were outraged by the suggested topping and sent him replies such as "you need locking up" and called him an "absolute animal".

It certainly stirred up debate but sadly for Ian, not many people sided with his taste buds on this one.

Another unusual pancake combination doing the rounds was pancakes with gravy but this proved less divisive than the tuna with many backing it as a legitimate Shrove Tuesday option.

Pancakes are made from the same ingredients as Yorkshire Puddings which are infinitely tastier with gravy, so perhaps anyone who hasn't been doing this the whole time are missing out after all?

Let us know how you like to enjoy your pancakes...