Someone Has Found The First White Creme Egg And Won A HUGE Cash Prize!

10 January 2018, 14:36 | Updated: 8 June 2018, 15:45

Golden Ticket

The hunt is on and somebody has already uncovered a white chocolate creme egg!

Since everyone headed back to work after Christmas festivities were over the talk on everyones lips has been Cadbury's Creme Egg hunt.

The chocolatiers have made a select number of white chocolate creme eggs that aren't only a limited edition treat but come with their own prize...up to £2,000!


Chocolate fans have entered into a Willy Wonka style hunt for the winning eggs and some have even spotted boxes of eggs in supermarkets that have clearly been unwrapped and wrapped back up again by people looking for a glimpse of white chocolate.

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But this week the first egg was found!

First White Chocolate Creme Egg Found

Picture: Cadbury

Thirty-year-old Natasha Bream from Luton popped to the shop on her lunch break and on returning with three Creme Eggs was shocked to find one was white.

She immediately phoned the number on the inside of the packaging and discovered that she had found one of the eggs worth £1,000.

Talking of her win she told The Sun: "I was a bit shocked – I couldn’t quite believe it."

‘I’d been talking to my assistant (about the hunt) before going to the shops. I didn’t think it would happen to me.’

There are 371 eggs with prizes in out there, now 370 - so what are you waiting for? Get looking!