You can now get Strawberries and Cream flavour Baileys

1 June 2018, 14:05 | Updated: 12 July 2018, 13:58


Forget Pimms, the new variety of the Irish cream liqueur is the ultimate tipple for afternoons watching Wimbledon.

The limited edition bottles will for sale at Asda priced at £15 for a 750ml and other supermarkets for £20 - and it's highly likely they won't be on shelves for long.

They arrive in stores nationwide on Monday June 4th - which coincides perfectly with the launch of Love Island

The moreish flavour was already available in the US, where it was priced at the equivalent of £19-a-bottle. 

Over the pond, people enjoy it over ice, as a sauce for ice-cream, poured in to milkshakes or even stirred in to cupcakes. 

Thankfully after months of feeling jealous, the fruity tipple will be coming to these shores. 

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Laura Pearce, Baileys Marketing Director at Diageo said: "After being inundated with requests for the product following its launch in the States, we're extremely excited to bring Baileys Strawberries & Cream to the UK. 

"It's the perfect summer treat when you fancy something that's both in keeping with the summer season but also truly indulgent - ideally served over ice or an extra ingredient to a delicious cocktail. 

"Available for a limited time only, make sure to grab a bottle before it's gone!"

If you're not a fan of mixing berries and booze, then other Baileys flavours include orange truffle, coffee, chocolate luxe and the vegan almande variety.