7 Things The Chef Wants You To Know

Monica Geller chef friends meme

Whether you're going out for a meal with friends or going on a date, ignoring these tips will be a recipe for disaster.

When we're off out for a meal we tip the waiter and have a laugh with the barman... but we often forget about the chef.

These masters of food are not to be forgotten of course as they put up with our silly requests and incessant moaning. 

We spoke to a few chefs to find out what we do that really ticks them off! And if you follow these golden rules you'll get on with them like a kitchen on fire!

1. "I'd like my steak well-done please."

Steak meme
Chefs take pride in the quality of food they serve so each cut of meat has been selected for a reason. By asking for your meat to be cremated to resemble tough old boot leather that causes your jaw to ache is sure to set the chef's back up.
According to Chef Hermes: "An animal shouldn't die for that reason - a well done steak."

2. Ketchup.

There are times when a nice dollop of tommy sauce goes down well, normally with chips, but please, please don't put it on your roast dinner.

The chef has gone to great efforts to get the flavours just right, working with the natural tastes and seasoning to procure a meal so palatable even the Queen would be jealous. So don't go spoiling it with a splurge of the red condiment! 

Fun fact: Did you know ketchup is so acidic that it can be used as a cleaning agent?...

3. Not calling ahead with any dietary requirements. 

Although chefs love making food the way they like it, they totally understand that you probably want to avoid nuts or gluten if there's a chance that you might be hospitalised as a result of eating it! 

However, remember to phone ahead with these sorts of dietary requirements. The chef can't make a meal with substitute ingredients if they don't have them in the kitchen. You'll always get on better with the chef if you've prepared them for any changes to their menu!

4. Seasoning. 

Like we said before, years of experience goes into preparing your meal so maybe taste it before you take matters into your own hands? 

Chef Lisa Gillam says: "People who put salt and pepper on their dinner before they've even tried it really annoys me. We do season the food that we cook!"

Equally, they do understand if you want to add your own seasoning after you've tasted it.

Chef Paul Wedgwood said: “My pet hate is restaurants that don't have salt and pepper on the table.  Even if I trust the chef, it's always up to the customer!”

5. Be realistic with your timings.

Going out for a meal before the theatre is a lovely idea - get the catchup over with before you cut the chatter and watch a show. 

"I hate it when people come in to a full restaurant, order a three course meal and then say they need to leave in 35 minutes because their play starts soon," says Chef Mark Lukas. 

Be realistic and don't expect miracles. Leave enough time for your meal and both you and the chef will be happy. If you don't have the time, you might want to try the fast-food restaurant around the corner...

6. Don't change the menu.

The chef has taken the time to put together the best menu for you so don't try and change it! They know what they're talking about! Besides, some of the food has been prepared before hand in order for it to get to you at the table in time. If you're requesting changes, be warned that you'll have to wait longer for your meal. 

7. Don't assume all chefs are Gordon Ramsay.

The kitchens at restaurants are notorious for their high levels of pressure and thanks to chefs like Gordon Ramsay and his show 'Hell's Kitchen' they are also a place of explosive language, crude insults and nasty places to be. However, this is not always the case. 

“Rough language in my kitchen is totally unacceptable," says Chef Atul Kochhar, "I would throw somebody out of my kitchen if they ever crossed the line.”