This is what your tongue says about the state of your health

14 September 2018, 14:02 | Updated: 14 September 2018, 14:03

Tongue health

The spongey pink organ says more about what's going on inside you than you might think...

If you take a few seconds to examine your tongue you'll probably be able to work out if you're healthy or not, without much guidance.

But did you know your tongue holds a lot more information about your body than you might think?

Chinese medicine expert Waveny Holland spoke to the MailOnline to explain the intricacies of the important organ.

She revealed that the shape, colour, size and texture of the tongue can easily be analysed and deciphered to give plenty of information about your health.

Simple analysis of your tongue can reveal lots of information about your health

It's also known that the tongue can be divided into different areas, which relate to the function of different internal organs. 

For instance, the middle of the tongue represents organs that are in the middle of the abdomen with liver and gallbladder on the sides and your stomach in the centre.

Ms Holland told the MailOnline: "A normal, healthy tongue is usually a pinkish, light red, with a slight white coating and is neither too thick or thin and not flabby or overlapping the teeth."

As a baseline this is what we should all be aiming for, however there are plenty of deviations that indicate different ailments. 

Cracked tongue? Could be stomach issues so get yourself checked out asap

Colour-wise, a red tongue represents heat. This could indicate fever or the rise in body temperature associated with menopause. Pal tongues are an indication of low blood pressure or anaemia. 

Shape-wise, a swollen or puffy tongue may suggest a lack of nutrients and moisture and a thin tongue could suggest you are dehydrated.

A healthy tongue has a thin, white coating on it, but no coating actually means there could be a problem relating to dehydration. 

While a tongue with a grey and black appearance may indicate 'stagnation', which refers to the flow of energy, blood and fluid in the body.

Beware of deep cracks, which are a sure sign you're prone to digestive issues while ulcers can indicate a deficiency of some kind.

Also look out for a patchy tongue, also amusingly called a 'geographic tongue' which is probably caused by acid reflux or 'heat in the stomach'.