You've been using OXO cubes wrong this whole time

11 September 2018, 16:07

Oxo cube

Once you realise how OXO cubes are supposed to be used, you'll never get your hands messy again.

When it comes to make a gravy or a ragout, OXO cubes are the staple ingredient to add flavour to your any dish. 

However, trying to unwrap the contents without making a mess is often a near impossible task. 

Now, a clever trick is sweeping the internet that turns your cube into a nifty sachet that means you can carefully sprinkle the contents over your food without getting your hands dirty. 

If you look along the sides of the cube you will see little flaps, these are supposed to be lifted up and then you crush the cube while it's still wrapped in the foil.

Once flattened the package will look like a sachet, which you can tear and sprinkle.


The incredible trick has gone viral, with many people taking to Twitter to share their disbelief at not knowing about the hack earlier.